Statement by Ascension Public Schools Superintendent David Alexander regarding 2019 state testing scores

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The following is a statement by Superintendent David Alexander:

"Ascension Public Schools achieved 54 percent in Mastery and Above on state testing this past year. We are one of only four districts across the state to reach over 50 percent, but most importantly, we grew two percentage points overall.

"First, congratulations to our students; their commitment to learning and giving their best effort is certainly a significant factor in the ongoing success we all enjoy. We are honored to be a part of their journey toward graduation and their pursuit of excellence.

"Second, a big high five to all our teachers, school leaders, and district instructional leaders who support daily classroom experiences. And lastly, we all agree that the opportunity to celebrate ongoing improvement is the result of a commitment to teamwork, so hats off to all Ascension employees for their dedicated service that ensures quality experiences for children at every touch point."

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