A Tribute to Mary Anne Singletary on her 90th Birthday - July 17, 2019

Neal Singletary, Special to Weekly Citizen

On this special day, we celebrate your 90th Birthday with love and appreciation

Daughter of Omar and Emma McMurry Williams, Sibling of India, Eva, and Pinky

Faithful spouse of Lowell Phillip Singletary, Mother of four, Grandmother and

Great Grandmother too, and close friend to so many to mention

It is with joy and happiness that we mark this special event

In appreciation for your love and care for the four of us and Dad as well

For sacrificing so much for each of us all through the years via

The hard work you exerted daily, tirelessly, and oh so very well

Demonstrations of your love and care for each of us are immeasurable 

Examples but a few include 'raising' us, with Dad, in Christian living, 

Teaching us to pray to, believe in, and trust Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and

Teaching us to sing at numerous churches, revivals, and camp-meetings

The songs we sang under your leadership and excellent piano playing

Included among so many: "When I Looked Up And He Looked Down,"

"How Great Thou Art," "Love Was When," and "Who Am I?"

Thank you for teaching and providing to us this gift from God

Your God-given ability to teach reached far beyond the four of us

Per the countless number of children you taught as a Sunday School Teacher

You served in that life-changing capacity for so many years, and all

Without fanfare or praise; indeed, for the glory of God

We also honor you this special day for the many hours you gave to each of us

Taking care of the house, assisting homework, assuring our success in school, 

Preparing all our meals – and oh what a fantastic cook you were and are, and

Many other motherly skills plus outstanding quilting and painting skills as well

In short, thank you for giving to us 90 memorable years with more to come of a life dedicated to God, faithful/loving to Dad, and boundless love and care for us