A team dedicated to the Ascension Parish Community

Logan Ridenour
APSO Lieutenant Jennifer Dean

Lieutenant Jennifer Dean has dedicated her life to serving others. Since 2002 she's worked at the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, and since then has impacted countless lives in the community whether through her actions as an officer, or her caring disposition.

"The root of what we're here for is to serve the public," Lt. Dean said.

As we drove through neighborhoods she would recall the efforts made by her fellow officers during natural disasters and crimes, or the impact of simply speaking to someone else when they're having a bad day.

"You want to be remembered in a fond way. You want to be somebody who gave something to a person even if it was just conversation that made their day better or made their life better," Lt. Dean said.

Throughout the last 17 years, Lt. Dean has also found a home within the Ascension Parish community. "The people you work with become like a second family . . . they become good friends and family members," she said. Whether it's daily runs after shift or Sunday lunches, she knows they can always count on each other.

"It can be demanding. But if you like the camaraderie, if you like helping people then it fits," Lt. Dean said.

Proud of her team, she shared a thank you note received from a victim, a story about a saved Christmas, and the time an officer dropped off an iron and ironing board to someone who needed it.

"It's what you accomplish and what you do for other people and what you can provide to someone else throughout that beginning and ending that matters," Lt. Dean said.