Dinosaurs take over the Lamar Dixon Expo Center

Logan Ridenour

The Lamar Dixon Expo Center hosted Jurassic Quest from July 5-7. Families throughout Ascension Parish shared in laughs, arts and crafts, and the occasional dinosaur bite.

With larger-than-life dinosaur displays staged, the Expo Center was transformed into a true prehistoric adventure. Children participated in face painting, archeological digs, and dinosaur rides.

The event didn't just serve as entertainment. It also provided facts and insight into what the dinosaurs were really like, along with real dinosaur bones. Jurassic Quest combined both fun and science, creating a learning environment for kids of all ages.

The positive feedback could be seen in the excited faces of everyone present. Well – except for those who received a dinosaur bite, but they should recover by the end of the week with regular bandage changes and plenty of Neosporin.

Overall, the event was a great alternative to being out in the heat during these summer months.