Louisiana proclaims Women Veteran's Day

Darian Graivshark
Spirit gear at the entrance of the room for attendees of the event.

On Wednesday, June 12, a proclamation declared this date as Louisiana Women Veteran's Day.

On June 12 in 1948, President Harry Truman signed the Women's Armed Services Integration Act, which allowed women to serve as permanent members of the military.

Women have been serving in the armed forces since the Revolutionary War, and by World War II women served in many different branches and wore the military uniform.

Sen. Regina Barrow presented a proclamation at the Old State Capitol, making June 12 the official Louisiana Women Veteran's Day.

The Department of Veterans Affairs predicted that, by 2020, women veterans will make up about 11 percent of the veteran population. Today, there are over 214,000 women who serve, with 14.6 percent being in active-duty military positions.

In reference to the Women's Armed Services Integration Act, LDVA Secretary Joey Strickland said, "We could not continue to fight for freedom and liberty overseas while ignoring the principles of justice and opportunity at home."

In Louisiana, we have approximately 28,737 female veterans living among us.

Women veterans see danger and uncertainty with uncommon courage. They represent the best of what America has to offer.

"It wasn't too long ago that women were first able to serve in the war. It was also not too long ago that women veterans were finally being recognized for their service. This day is long overdue," Barrow said.

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