Advice from 18: Let's talk about your social media bio

Gabrielle Martinez, Staff Intern

All great legends have quotes left behind that internationally impacts people to this day.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

"Walmart... do they, like, make walls there?" - Paris Hilton

Sure, all these quotes are iconic. That's what makes them easy to copy and paste into an Instagram bio! So what does it say about you if you do?

For years and years, humans have been asked to describe themselves in the fewest words possible. From job interviews to first dates, this question has stumped many along the way.

The newest form of "self-describing" is the social media bio space. You know, that little space on your profile, beneath your picture?

It's a lot of pressure to say so much about yourself in 150 characters, but it says so much about you if you choose to.

Think of it like this: this is the first thing people see when they visit your page. From this, you immediately get a sense of who this person is, what they stand for, and if they're Geaux Tigers or Roll Tide.

As always, your tone may shift between platforms. A Facebook bio may be more formal and put-together, while an Instagram and Twitter bio can usually be more playful or relatable to a younger audience.

In regards to my intensive research for this topic, I most definitely stalked my family and friends. So, sorry guys! I'm basically going to be picking each one of you apart, but for research purposes of course.

So let's start with the quote bio. This means one of two things: "I love reading philosophical works from world-renowned authors!" or "I Google searched 'Most Famous Quotes' and picked the shortest one."

A typical bio you can find particularly in the south, is the bible verse bio. This is a given sign that the person's feed will either include all photos in their Sunday best or their baseball uniform.

Another popular route of bio is just having links to all your other social media accounts. Any person with a bio like this is most definitely a natural born promoter and has an end of the year goal to meet for their follower count, like activity and engagement reports.

Noteworthy for college students is the graduating class bio. This is a person who has their school, graduation year, and usually their frat or sorority in their bio. And if you didn't know already, those Greek letters makes them better than you.

Similarly, there is always the overachiever. This is the person who has a list of accomplishments or traits in their bio and only got to put the most important ones because the others, unfortunately, couldn't fit.

In case you're a tad bit lost, here's a bio that you can relate to, something familiar. Similarly to the infamous "ASL" (Age/Sex/Location?) of early AOL chat boards, "DEL" (Date/Emoji/Location) can be used to describe people of simpler bio taste.

Traditionally used individually, each says something different.

A date in a bio means that person is in a relationship and their private messages are closed for the time being. An emoji in a bio signifies an easy-going person who can fit their entire existence into a single emoticon. Lastly, there's the location bio to let you know that that person lives somewhere cool and you don't.

Another bio is the one with foreign words or phrases that you probably don't know what they even mean. If this is the case, then you're most likely me, and you've been to a maximum of one yoga class.

If you have a Cher song title as your bio, then you're me, again, but on Twitter. You also have impeccable taste in music.

And finally, what if you don't have a bio? Well then, you probably have some deep nihilistic views within yourself about the world and the society that inhabits it.

Or, maybe you just don't care about bios. That could be a possibility too.

But as an eighteen year old, I think the second explanation is way less likely.