Smith, Braud family reunion held in Gonzales

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The 1st family reunion for the descendants of James Maple Smith & Edezie Braud was held on Saturday March 30, 2019 at the K. C. Hall on Irma Boulevard in Gonzales, Louisiana. A booklet was put together of all the descendants of the couple with the information that could be gathered. This was a hit with everyone at the reunion.

A lovely meal of Jambalaya, white beans & salad was provided by Steve Broussard catering and music was provided by Jim Bullion. There was lots of visiting, talking, meeting and greeting new and old friends and new family members that some of us had never met. There were 120 family members present.

The James Maple Smith & Edezie Braud story

James Maple Smith was born on 25 Feb 1852 in Ascension Parish to his parents Theodore Smith & Elizabeth Jole Philipp. James Maple was one of eight children, four boys and four girls. He married Edezie Braud, born on 24 Sept 1853, the daughter of Jean Baptist Braud and Marie Hermanie Melancon on 19 March 1878.

He died on 22 June 1929 and Edezie died on 11 Jan 1921. They are buried in Prairieville. James Maple was a farmer and owned his own farm. He was able to read and write English. Edezie was a housewife and could read and write English as well. They were the parents of nine children, five boys and four girls.

Three children died at a young age. They were Elizabeth Mary who died at age 7, Rosalie Elmire who died at age six and Arthur Maple who died at age 14. Two other girls, Isabel Smith married Edwin Kling and Bessie Smith married Angelo Contanza, but only Bessie had one son, Matthew, who never married.

All of the descendants listed come from the four surviving boys.

1. Theodore Smith, known as "Uncle DuDu" married Ida Farve and they had eight children, Verna Tircuit Camp, Tillie Comeaux, Leola “Lol” Berteau, Zuma Bonicard Morris, Leonie Parent, J. T. Smith, Melvin Smith, & Kenneth "Kahn" Smith.

2. Linnie Smith, known as "Luh" married Amy Hamilton and they had nine children, Gertrude Kling, Drusella Gautreau, Mamie Mansur, Brady Smith, Blunie Whitty Collins, Gaddys Young, Maple Smith, Linnie "Sno" Smith, and Bonnie Belle Austen.

3. Sulcer Smith, known as "Jack" married Lillian Bullion, and they had seven children, Miriam Murry, Jennie Wilborn, Levenia Dawsey, Shirley Arceneaux, Beryle Ramsey Berteau, Kirby Smith, and Sulcer "Cake" Smith, and

4. Dewey Smith, known as "Pluck" married Nolia Berteau and they had four children, Terry Smith, Audrey Braud, Beverly Collins and R. D. Smith.

Contributed by the Smith / Braud Family