Foster wins at the Bayou Muscle Championships

Darian Graivshark
Quinton Foster poses at the competition.

For most of his life, Quinton Foster has been keeping his health in check.

Foster is from Donaldsonville, and attended Southeastern with a scholarship for his undergraduate studies. After completing that, he decided to go into law enforcement.

"One of the reasons I got into that was kind of the stigma that 'all cops were fat,' and I wanted to show people that that wasn't the case. I also try to help other cops be the best they can be," Foster said.

For the last five years, Foster has worked on the SWAT team in Donaldsonville. He also has two daughters and a wife. Focusing on his health, though, he exercises about six times per week and has seven meals a day.

"My meals usually include a lot of protein and carbs. It helps me burn the right energy for the workouts that I do. I'll do a variation of workouts, from cardio to strength," Foster said.

Recently, Foster competed in the National Physique Committee Bayou Muscle Championships. It was his first time competing, and he won first place overall in the Novice Class C category. Novice is for first time competitors.

However, Foster also won first place in the Open category, which includes different levels of competitors. There were about 40-50 competitors at the event.

"That was a big deal, for me to win first place in those. My trainer, Kash Guidry, told me that usually doesn't happen. I was the overall winner for Men's Physique, and it was really rewarding," Foster said.

Foster says he does this for the mental aspect. It teaches him how far he can go and what he can achieve. For him, it helps him to become tough mentally, not just physically.

"For anyone who is thinking about getting into this, I would recommend starting small and working your way up. For me, I began eliminating things like sugar, and then began to make bigger changes after that," Foster said.

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