Revealing The Ugly Truth book launch with Shion Batiste

Darian Graivshark
Shion Batiste at Revealing The Ugly Truth book launch.

Shion Batiste, born and raised in Sorrento, Louisiana wrote a book that empowers women.

The book is calledRevealing The Ugly Truth, and the book launch was on January 26 in Gonzales, La.

Batiste moved to New Orleans in her early twenties and worked in the oil and gas refinery industries. While also serving in the Job Corps, she was given a scholarship that allowed her to attend Wiley College in Texas. For Batiste, this was wonderful, because she was a high school dropout.

Safety Training and Consultants is a company that Batiste has started and owns. Her focus is on educating both males and females on how to train for their jobs, as well as training companies on OSHA information.

On June 3 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Batiste will be having a Safety Training program at the Standing in Grace Ministries, located at 2608 Ruby Street in Gonzales. The program will last until June 6.

InRevealing The Ugly Truth, Batiste said, "My goal was to educate women on what they should accept when they're getting paid. I focus on showing women that they don't have to settle for less in the workplace. Women can be both independent and strong in the workplace, while still earning the respect of their co-workers."

Batiste's goal is to help women land the top jobs that they have always wanted. Earning six figures a year, Batiste explains that hard work and motivation really gets you places.

The book was offered for pre-ordering in November of 2018, and it sold out during the month. There were only one-hundred copies for purchase at that time. Now, the book is available for purchase on Eventbrite, or on Paypal at Books for Everyone.Revealing The Ugly Truth is priced at $20 dollars.

Collaborating with her two daughters, Batiste is already working on the release of a second book. This book will focus on postpartum depression, and mental health overall, especially in black women.

"I believe that mental health, especially in black women, is not really looked at. I think a lot of black women feel like they can't talk about it either, or believe they shouldn't get help because it's not something they should have," Batiste said.

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