Letter to the editor: Head Start

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Director of Head Start Martha M. Babin (left) poses with former Head Start Director Yvonne Bahry Caballero.

Editor, Donaldsonville Chief

Kudos to the Ascension Parish School Board and the staff of the Head Start Program for creating a state-of-the-art class room building while preserving the integrity of the Donaldsonville High Gymnasium.

As a member of the ACHS basketball team (1952-1955) and the director of the City of Donaldsonville Summer Head Start Program (1965-1975), I appreciate both the quality of the classrooms and the preservation of an historical element.

As part of President’s Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty campaign, Head Start continues to provide high-quality program services to income-eligible preschool children to enhance their readiness for school and self-efficiency.

The model for a Summer Program was put together by a team of experts headed by Dr. Robert Cooke, a pediatrician at John Hopkins University and Dr. Edward Zeigler, a professor of Psychology and Director of the Child Study Center at Yale University.

The City of Donaldsonville was one of the first to receive a grant for the Summer Head Start Program. Representatives were sent to Washington D.C. for training and returned to recruit and hire the first teachers, nurses, aides and office staff.

It was my pleasure to work with this dedicated team for ten years before the summer program became a full-year program under the Ascension Parish School Board.

Yvonne Bahry Caballero

Baton Rouge, Louisiana