Angels can celebrate the holidays, too

Darian Graivshark
Cross upon one of the bikes on display.

Whether a person is handicapped, disabled, or ill, they all deserve a holiday just like everyone else. With In the Wind Ministries, those people are able to have just that.

They call those individuals "angels," and they honor them with an event called Nite of Angels. This event is their largest every year, and it was held on Sunday, December 16.

Angels had to be registered beforehand in order to be a part of the event. When guests arrived, they checked in at a table, received a t-shirt with some other goodies, and went into the stage area. The stage was surrounded by a plethora of toys for the angels to choose from during the parade of angels, which began at 5 p.m.

There was caroling at the start of the program that guests could enjoy, along with other small tents the bikers may have set up. Not only was there music, but there was face painting, balloon making, and a photo booth area to take some holiday photos.

A motorcyclist, who goes by the name Snap Shot said, "The parade of angels starts around five, and the children will line up and walk in and out between the tables. There isn't a limit on how many gifts they can take. If they see something they like, they're welcome to have it. All of the toys have been donated. After that, we all sit back down and eat. Last year, we served everyone food in twelve minutes. We try to beat that every year, so we're hoping to serve everyone food in under twelve minutes this time."

Towards the end of the Nite of Angels event, they always crown a princess. This year, their Crowning Princess was in the hospital and unable to attend the event. Still, she received recognition, love, and support from those at the event and those who are a part of the ministry. After that, children got to see Santa ride in his sleigh!

Many of the bikers mingled with the angels who were there. Some of them even had their bikes set up for the angels to look at, or even to play on if they wanted. They made sure they had an experience just like everyone else would. It is purely a volunteer event, where they all come to volunteer their time for the angels.

A minister that goes by "Pastor T" was at the event, part of In the Wind Ministries that helped with the Nite of Angels.

"I believe everyone has a divine purpose to be here," Pastor T said. "God granted them life, whether it may be different than what some people are used to. They're here for a purpose. We're here to help them celebrate the holidays just like everyone else."

In the Wind is not a motorcycle club, it is a ministry. Riders from Harley's to Honda's are welcome to join the group and ride. They love everything about being in the wind.

Members of In the Wind use the crosses, as pictured in this article, on their bikes as a reminder that it has been blessed. There are black, red, white, and blue beads on them. The black bead represents sin, and that our sin has separated us from God. The red bead represents the blood of Jesus shed upon the cross, and that our sin can be cleansed by the blood of Jesus. The white bead represents cleansing and forgiveness, and that Jesus can, and will, forgive us. The blue bead represents the promises of God, and that he will give us eternal life.

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