Transgender Remembrance Day vigil held at LSU Greek Theater

Darian Graivshark
Candles placed next to flags representing names of those affected by transgender bias.

On November 20, the memory of those who have lost their lives due to acts of anti-transgender violence are honored with Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The LSU Office of Multicultural Affairs and LGBTQ+ Project came together on November 20 to have a candlelight vigil to commemorate the lives that have been lost. This was held at the LSU Greek Theater.

The day of remembrance began in 1999 by Gwendolyn Ann Smith to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998. Since then, these vigils have commemorated all of the lives of transgender people who have been lost to violence.

From 2017 to October 2018, there have been over 300 recorded deaths due to transgender bias and violence against these individuals. Not just in America, but all over the world.

During the candlelight vigil, a poem was read to start the night. Then, the names of victims were read. Attendees places the candle they had next to the flag that the victim had lived when their name was called.

Once all of the names were called, everyone took a moment of silence to honor those lives that have been lost to the violence. In the seats of the theater were names of the more than 300 people who were affected for attendees to walk around and look at after the event concluded.

If you'd like to find out more about past remembrance days, or about those who have been affected by violence, you can visit

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