LIHA has 52nd Annual Powwow in Gonzales

Darian Graivshark

Louisiana Indian Heritage Association celebrated their culture with their 52nd annual Powwow at Lamar-Dixon in Gonzales on November 17.

LIHA was established by non-native people over forty years ago. However, a large portion of Louisiana's population has some type of native heritage in them. In Louisiana, we eat a lot of native foods, too.

The powwow is always a week before Thanksgiving. The middle of the dance area has drums where they sing and make music. Outside of that, the men typically dance. During their events, they will also make it a point to honor their veterans with a song just for them.

It's important for these different tribes and cultures to come together to help preserve different things that they bring to the table. What is especially important is when people with similarities in their dances come together, as well as work together, to make their different dances work together.

Many of the people who grew up dancing around a drum have come back to these powwow's, but they have also started bringing their children to immerse them in the culture.

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