Sorrento Primary kicks off Kids Heart Challenge

Darian Graivshark
Melissa Mitchell, Matt Hudson, and Desiree Petite pose for a photo with the Top Student Award recipient.

Three, two, one, challenge accepted!

Children at Sorrento Primary accepted the Kids Heart Challenge to help improve their health while also raising money to help support the American Heart Association on October 8.

This year is the 40th celebration of the challenge with AHA, and Melissa Mitchell, the Youth Market Director, said, "I challenge the students to all register so they can receive a Heart Hero wristband."

Some students received a wristband the previous year, which was lime green. This year, it is a teal color. The wristbands are a sort of memorabilia for the students. They are also given a sticker with the Ruby character on it that they can color, and then bring to life on the mobile app.

All of the kids automatically receive the Heart Hero wristband when they register. After that, they can win other prizes. For example, when they receive their first online donation, the child will earn the Finn character. Finn is a reminder to be a warrior for strong and giving hearts. Oscar reminds them to watch for hidden sodium, which is earned after raising $20 dollars. Sprinkles reminds them to be active for at least sixty minutes every day, and is rewarded to them after raising $35 dollars. There is also a character called Ruby, who encourages colorful plates, Splash, who says to avoid sugary drinks, and Fiery, who says to avoid tobacco.

By accepting the Kids Heart Challenge, the children are now helping to volunteer with the AHA and are encouraged to teach others about heart health during their journey.

A fourth grader named Mack Hudson was awarded with a certificate for raising $380 dollars last year, making him the top student. According to Melissa Mitchell Sorrento Primary has raised $190 dollars since the challenge has started. Money that is raised goes towards supporting AHA.

Some fun facts about the heart: Laughing reduces stress; Your heart beats 115,000 times per day on average; The heart is about the size of two baseballs, or both your hands balled into a fist.

All of Sorrento Primary is participating, as well as a few other schools in the Ascension area. If your school isn't participating, or you'd like to participate separately, you can visit

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