Ascension's Coastal Conservation Association hosts 17th annual banquet

Darian Graivshark
Table display for sponsors and guests who purchased a table.

Saving Louisiana's coast through conservation is a continuous effort, and some people do all that they can to help with that.

The Coastal Conservation Association is meant to advise and educate the public on the conservation of marine resources. Therefore, CCA's goal is to conserve, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of the coastal resources.

The Ascension chapter was formed in 2001, making this their 17th annual banquet. Their first banquet was the largest one they had, until this year. The banquet, on September 20, had the most tables sold in Louisiana, and the Ascension chapter has the largest banquets, historically, every year.

Teddy Twig, the President of the chapter, said, "Our chapter is basically the poster child for the rest of the chapters in our nation. We're typically the most profitable and are annually the biggest banquet, or at least the top few."

Last year, the banquet brought in over $160,000 dollars. All of the proceeds go towards conserving the coast. A few examples of what CCA does with the money includes creating floating reefs, doing crab trap cleanups, creating artificial reefs, and a tagging program.

Teddy Roth, the Banquet Chair, shared what he believes is the best way for people to get involved with conserving the coast on their own.

"If people want to go out on their own and do something, a simple thing would be something like picking up trash," Roth said. "The best way, though, would include reaching out to your local representatives and encouraging them to talk to lobbyist. Hopefully, this would result in the funding of federal dollars that will go towards conservation efforts."

Typically, members are all local volunteers. However, the chapter is always looking for more help. Specifically, Roth said they'd appreciate help with working on the banquets every year. It is easy to become a member. At the banquet, every ticket gave you a membership opportunity, if interested. You may also contact the chapter or visit the online website at for more information.

At the end of the event, CCA of Ascension honored State Senator Eddie Lambert for his meaningful contribution to conservation, among men and women.

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