The Police Benevolent Foundation to aid officers affected by Hurricane Florence

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Police Benevolent Foundation and the Southern States Police Benevolent Association are ready to help law enforcement officers and their families that may be affected by Hurricane Florence. Unlike most, a police officer’s job can never really be put on hold when disaster strikes. They are required to work through the worst conditions and be ready and able to help others.

The Police Benevolent Foundation was initially created in 2005 to aid officers and their families after Hurricane Katrina. Many years later, the Foundation is still going strong and is ready to help officers as Hurricane Florence affects the coast.

The Police Benevolent Foundation has established the “Hurricane Florence Police Officers Recovery Fund” to aid these officers during their time of need. Donations can be made through the Police Benevolent Foundation's website.

Law enforcement officers that need financial help to rebuild or recover from the Hurricane damage are asked to call SSPBA at 1-800-233-3506 extensions 554 or 725. Officers may also email information about the damage or help they need to The Southern States PBA and Police Benevolent Foundation will work to ensure that all money received through the “Hurricane Florence Police Officers Recovery Fund” goes to the intended purpose of helping officers and their families rebuild.

Southern States PBA President Chris Skinner said, “Our thoughts, prayers, and support go out to these officers and their families during this difficult time. They have a difficult road ahead as they work to rebuild and return to normal. We are now asking for the help of the community, both locally and nationally, to aid in efforts to provide much needed support to these officers and their families in this time of distress. These officers are true heroes.”

SSPBA Senior Vice President and South Carolina Board Member Dave Soderberg said, “People don’t realize the sacrifices that our public safety officers make during a storm like this. They are working to help others in these disasters and they have their own homes that are sustaining damage. They aren’t able to stop working or leave to return home and assess damage. They keep working to aid those who need help.”

President of the North Carolina PBA Division Randy Byrd said, "We are deeply concerned about this storm and the aftermath that will follow. Officers will be on the front lines for days assisting the public with this storm while their loved ones are in harm’s way and their homes face destruction. We ask for your prayers and your support through the PBF as we help these officers and their families."

President of the Virginia PBA Division Joe Woloszyn said, “We are calling on the southern states that we proudly represent and the rest of the country to help the officers that are working night and day to ensure that everyone is safe during this storm. These officers and their families deserve our help and prayers.”

Contributed by the Police Benevolent Foundation