Gonzales Soccer Club raises funds for fun

Darian Graivshark
Club members and guests take group pictures while having fun at Walk On's.

When a location can supply its guests with new and improved facilities at every chance, their visitors are granted to be happier ones.

Beginning at the age of 3, children can sign up for the Gonzales Soccer Club. While the club goes up to the age of 18, there are other options. For adults, there are opportunities for a co-ed league, recreational playing, or competitive teams.

"We're a non-profit club that runs on volunteers," Jared Moss, President of GSC said. "Soccer is something we love and want others to be able to enjoy."

On Tuesday, August 28, GSC had a fundraiser at Walk On's to raise money for the club. When you ordered there, 10 percent of the proceeds went back to them.

"The money we raise goes directly back into things that pertain to GSC," Moss said. "For example, improvements to the park, like cutting grass. We also help with expanding the park, adding new restrooms, purchasing new goals or nets, and so forth."

They'll have other fundraisers, too, at places like Mooyah and Rotolo's. They plan on having another fundraiser at Walk On's in the spring.

"We do these fundraisers because we don't make parents sell things like raffle tickets for their children," Moss said. "It makes it easier on them, and they can enjoy watching their children play more without the stress of raising money."

There was a great turnout Tuesday with many GSC members in attendance, but also a great turnout from the community.

"We want to thank everyone who came out and supported us. Especially those from within the community," Moss said.

You can find out more about the club at

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