We Still Do & Always Will: Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

Falcolm and Yvonne Hull / Special to Weekly Citizen
You may kiss the bride! Mr. William Kentrell Thompson and Mrs. LaRhonda Kiara Thompson

The Christian Assembly Full Gospel Church in Gonzales, Louisiana held a Wedding Vow Renewal on June 2, 2018 at 3:00 p.m.. Dr. Richard Rayborn II, Pastor officiated over the Ceremony. Eighteen couples participated in the Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony. The couples renewing their wedding vows are as follows:

Mr. Edwin LeBlanc and Mrs. Joyce LeBlanc married 36 years; Mr. Elvis Alexander Collins and Mrs. Sherri Hill Collins married 32 years; Mr. Johnny O’Connor, Sr. and Mrs. Sylvia O’Connor married 9 months; Mr. John Burns and Mrs. Donna Hargrove Burns married 14 ½ years; Mr. Melvin Wells,

Sr. and Mrs. Maggie J. Wells married 52 years; Mr. James Edward Smith and Mrs. Stacy Lynn Smith married 20 years; Mr. David G. Williams and Mrs. Alecia M. Williams married 28 years; Reverend Kevin Gray and Minister Gloria Campbell Gray married 30 years; Mr. Aubrey Jones and Mrs. Mercedes Jones married 41 years; Mr. Robert Gerard Hall and Mrs. Dianne W. Hall married 43

years; Mr. Dennis John Duplessis, Sr. and Mrs. Ethel T. Duplessis married 46 years; Mr. Russell Ward and Mrs. Deatrice D. Ward married 6 years; Mr. Clevan White and Mrs. Cheryl White married 33 years; Mr. Joseph E. Keller and Mrs. Olivia H. Keller married 38 years; Mr. Darriel Simon and Mrs.

Patricia Simon married 17 years; Mr. Santos Ramos, Sr. and Mrs. Erica Brown Ramos married 16 years; Mr. James H. Wilson III and Mrs. Janice Wilson married 17 years; and Mr. Falcolm E. Hull and Mrs. Yvonne Collins Hull married 46 years.

These Christian Couples renewed their wedding vows for many different reasons. One couple that was married forty-five years ago did not have their Wedding Ceremony in a church, so this was a blessed opportunity for them to do so. At the renewal of the vows ceremony, the couple’s children and

grandchildren were able to participate in the ceremony. The ceremony was an elaborate event to behold. The eighteen couples renewed their commitment of love and dedication to each other. Their “I Do’s” echoed throughout the church as couples renewed their vows.

Love was truly in the air!

At the Renewal of the Vows Ceremony, each couple was allowed to express their commitment and love for their spouse. Renewal of the Vows made the couples feel closer and gave them a sense of togetherness. The ceremony was a reaffirmation of their union and promise made on their wedding day.

Mr. William Kentrell Thompson and Miss LaRhonda Kiara Marcell celebrate their marriage vows becoming Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. What a joyous time to celebrate with the newly united couple in holy matrimony!

The Ceremony and Reception was well attended by over three hundred people.