DVPS gets back-to-school with Bamzybaby

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Raymond "Bamzy" Manson speaks directly to the students during the show.

Donaldsonville Primary School enjoyed a live concert on their first day of school with dancing costumed characters that shared positive messages about achieving, being friendly, eating healthy, and treating animals right.

The "Bamzybaby & Friends Impact Tour," helmed by Raymond "Bamzy" Manson and Kendra Manson visited DVPS from a Walmart grant. The tour travels state-to-state to share positive messages to youth at not only schools, but also festivals, churches, camps, and corporate and community events.

"We combine learning, character building, and entertainment together to produce a positive, new generation," Raymond Manson said. "With our signature 'Thinking Cap' concept we can successfully develop young leaders, transform thinking and impact lives."

One thing is for certain, Manson and the cast of "Bamzy's" show had the children and faculty of DVPS lit. The entire school was dancing and participating in the concert jubilantly.

"We encourage diversity," Kendra Manson said. "We have multi-cultural characters. Most schools incorporated this into their behavioral modification PBIS program to get kids to reach their goals academically but also behaviorally."

The Manson's expressed gratitude for Walmart for making the program come to life. The Bamzybaby & Friends Impact Tour has been in existence since 2013.

"We've been traveling all over the globe to inspire kids to wear their thinking caps," Raymond Manson said.

"I feel like this is going to be a really great year for our students," DVPS Principal Tennille Lange said. "Last year was very challenging because we had a lot of new staff. I was a first-year principal."

Lange added that 30 people were hired in her first year as principal.

"We actually have some teachers from the east side who wanted to come here [this year]. So, that's a plus."

Lange said that Bamzybaby took the school's expectations and incorporated it into music and dance. For more on Bamzybaby visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.