Bianca Plant holds book signing at River Road African American Museum

Darian Graivshark
Bianca Plant, author of Eating to Live, a cookbook and journal about healthier eating habits in Louisiana, held a book signing August 11 at the River Road African American Museum in Donaldsonville, La.

A healthy life begins with what you put into your body and being mindful of the nutrition you are providing yourself. Living in Louisiana, that can be a little difficult.

Bianca Plant, author of Eating to Live, wants to help people learn how to live better through the foods that they eat.

"Louisiana has the best food, but doesn't always have the healthiest option. My book has recipes that many of us love about Louisiana, but with healthier options. So maybe use zucchini noodles instead of pasta noodles," Plant said.

One of the reasons why Plant began this book is that she is a lover of food. She is also a nutritionist and a food blogger. She enjoys helping people while also showing them how to eat better.

"Eating better is not about a diet, it is about changing your lifestyle and the way that you eat. The way that we eat and the lifestyle we create can prevent medical issues in the present and the future," Plant said.

Eating to Live is Plant's first book release, but she has previously posted recipes on her food blog. The great thing about the book is that not only is it a great place to find recipes, but it is also a journal.

"It's like a diary where you can write down what you've eaten and refer back to it if you're trying to figure out if you have an allergy to something. It's even great for those who have diabetes and need to keep track of the things they put into their body," Plant said.

Plant has done other amazing things outside of writing this book, including helping communities near Livingston live a healthier lifestyle. She has achieved this by helping create a farmers market, rebuilding parks, and creating community gardens that residents can pick ingredients from. With all of these great achievements, Plant still hopes to do more.

"As a nutritionist, I am able to provide meal preps and create meal plans for people. My goal right now, though, is to become a Registered Dietician. I currently have my Masters in Healthcare Administration from Southern University," said Plant.

Her biggest reminder to everyone is to take care of yourself by starting with what you put into your body.

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