Mayor Arceneaux joins local cultural organization for trip to sister city

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Councilman Cagnolatti & Mayor Arceneaux by the plaque commemorating the twinning of Meylan and Gonzales and naming the park "Louisiana Plaza." They have a farmer's market every morning in this plaza. There is a clothing vendor, flower vendor, cheese vendors, food truck, bread vendor, sausage vendor, and several vegetable vendors.

City of Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux is back from his first trip representing the city overseas. He joined a group from the Gonzales Committee on Cultural Affairs as they made their way to Meylan, France, Gonzales’ sister city.

It was marvelous meeting with the city’s mayor and administration, along with many residents of Meylan,” said Arceneaux. “Meylan is a beautiful city with wonderful people. I was honored to be there on behalf of Gonzales.”

Gonzales Committee on Cultural Affairs President Karen Hatcher was also part of the group who travelled to Meylan. “On this trip, we initiated an intern exchange,” said Hatcher. “Two of our college students worked in Meylan for two weeks, and we will receive two of their students later this year. We will begin a classroom exchange in the fall.”

For 32 years, Gonzales and Meylan have been twinning cities, with each city acting as host on alternating years. Meylan will send a delegation to Gonzales in the spring of 2019.

I am so honored to have been a part of the history being made by the Gonzales Committee on Cultural Affairs, and I look forward to its continued success,” said Arceneaux.

Contributed by the City of Gonzales