Remembering a community icon: Leonce J. Millet

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Leonce J. Millet

Monday June 11, 2018 the Ascension Parish community loss a true friend and a community icon Leonce J. Millet.

I’ve known the Millet Family for more than 35 years. Everyone who met Mr. Leonce knew that he was a very special person. No matter where you were across Ascension Parish, everyone knew the Leonce Millet Family and their family business.

Mr. Leonce brought life to everything and touched every heart that he ever met. A founding member of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office Posse, he loved to entertain people, and built one of the most successful business’s in Ascension Parish in Economy Bricks which opened in 1957. He was so involved in our local churches with the Ushers Society and the Knights of Columbus, even served as a Past Grand Knight.

Mr. Leonce had a unique quality in that he could make anyone feel special in the community. Just about every time I saw him, he would have a very large smile on his face, and he always had some good advice for you.

Mr. Leonce you have indeed made the supreme sacrifice to make the quality of life better for all of us in Ascension Parish. May you rest in peace for eternity knowing that you have several beautiful and wonderful daughters, son, grandchildren, and great-grand children to carry on the love and continued sacrifice that you made every day you opened your eyes. Both you and Ms. Joyce were such great influences on the business community in our wonderful Parish of Ascension. Not to mention you raised my favorite teacher to ever teach school in Ascension Parish in Ms. Ronda.

Today many people in Ascension Parish will mourn the loss of Mr. Leonce Millet. His family will, of course, miss him most of all. I hope though that they will take comfort in the fact that so many others across this Parish will miss Mr. Leonce too for many different reasons.

We ask all our Ascension Parish friends to keep the Millet family in your prayers as they prepare to make that final journey on Saturday with our brother Leonce J. Millet.


Chief/Constable James E. LeBlanc and your entire Ascension Parish Family

Originally published June 14.