Blood Pressure 4 Kids Fishing Derby Winners

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
(Age 3-5) Colt Leblanc Donaldsonville, La. 2.84 lb. catfish.

On Saturday, May 5th the National Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Foundation held the 8th annual kids fishing derby at Cabelas pond in Gonzales, La.

Cabelas has partnered with the NPBPAF for eight years now to host this event and promote the important cause of pediatric hypertension awareness.

Due to this annual event families are becoming more aware of the significance of routine blood pressure screenings for their children.

This year's event was intended to educate on the issue of hypertension in children. In order to facilitate pediatric access to baseline blood pressures volunteer nurses, Sandy Clause and Roxana Langston, performed free blood pressure screens for all children at the derby. Children, ages 3-15, registered to fish the derby. It was a great morning of fishing, fun, and awareness.

The importance of the day was not overshadowed by all the fun that was had by many families. The winners were as follows:

(Age 3-5) Colt Leblanc Donaldsonville, La. 2.84 lb. catfish

(Age 6-8) Santiago Banda Gonzales, La. 1.94 lb. mullet

(Age 9-11) Kylea Waggenspack Gonzales, La. 2.44 lb. catfish

(Age 12-15) Gavin Morrison Geismar, La. 2.11 lb. bass

Plans are already underway for next year's derby. Save the date now for May 11, 2019 for the 9th Annual BP4KIDS Fishing Derby at Cabelas. To learn more about the importance of blood pressure screenings in children or to see a sample chart of values for children, please visit or visit us on Facebook If you are interested in having an informational presentation to your school or group please call 225-955-2770. Parents please remember, KYKN.....KNOW YOUR KID'S NUMBERS!

Contributed by Blood Pressure 4 Kids