Ralph's Market hosts Spring Wine Gala at Houmas House

Halen Doughty
Guests enjoyed a variety of wine from Ralph's Market on the front lawn of the Houmas House Plantation and Garden

Ralph's Market hosted its annual Spring Wine Gala at the Houmas House Plantation and Gardens on Thursday, May 3. This year's event was Kentucky Derby themed with guests arriving in their best hats and seersucker suits.

Attendees enjoyed entrees from Ralph's while sampling a selection of 85 wines all available at Ralph's Market, as well we mint juleps and other spirited drinks. The event was held outside on the front lawn of Houmas House, with more than 300 tickets being sold.

Ralph's Market chief operating officer Brandon Trosclair said the event was a huge success. He said he was amazed at how many people participated in the costume contest. This is the second wine gala the store has hosted, and Trosclair expects it to continue to grow.

Micky Martin heads up the wine and spirits department at Ralph's Market. He said the event boasted 30 different varieties of wine featuring reds and whites alike. The night offered 86 different kinds of wine from cabernet and pinot noir to chardonnay and pinot grigios. He said this is quite a bit more than attendees will see at similar events, especially for the price with tickets selling for less than $40 per person.

"Most tastings like this are $75 to $100 per person," said Martin. "We're not out to make money with this event. We're out to show you that Ralph's is a player in the game. We want you to come; we want you to see what we're doing."

Martin added that the Pelican Point store has more than 900 different wines to choose among. He noted that puts the store among the top ten places to shop for wine in the state. He said Ralph's also offers in-home wine tastings, complete with multi-course meals cooked right there at home by a culinary expert. Martin said every wine that was served at the gala is on the shelf at Ralph's Market.

"Every single wine that was poured here tonight is available at Ralph's," said Martin. "For the next three to four weeks, there will be an actual display in the store at Pelican Point that has every wine from this event in the display. You won't even have to go look for them."

Awards were handed out to the best dressed man, woman, couple, and the best hat. Winners got everything from a variety case of wine to wine dinners hosted at their homes. Don't miss the Fall Wine Gala, which will be held at Houmas House on November 7. Tickets can be purchased ahead of the event at any Ralph's Market location or the gift shop at Houmas House.

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