BACA hosts fifth annual family fun day

Halen Doughty

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) hosted its fifth annual family fun day at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center on Saturday, April 28. The event is one of the biggest fundraisers for the nonprofit organization that works to protect children from abuse. The family-friendly event boasted tons of activities for bikers, children, and guests. From motorcycle games to auctions and live music, there was no shortage of entertainment on Saturday.

The live auction featured dozens of donated items up for grabs. Attendees bid on everything from "booze baskets" and blankets to heirlooms and homemade crafts. The ticket price for coveted items like a Harley Davidson painting soared. At charity functions it's not about what you buy but what you're paying for, as all of the money raised supports BACA's efforts to help abused kids.

Live music went on throughout the day with Sundanze opening up the event. The band performs at just about every BACA event in the Capitol Region, and after seeing the energetic performance, there's no question why. Hollow Point headlined the show following the auction and the motorcycle games.

It wouldn't be a biker event without motorcycle games. The slow race is always a huge hit as riders attempt to be the last bike across the finish line without stopping or putting their foot down. A board race followed when riders tried to go from one end of a 2 x 4 plank to another without letting their tires slip off the side. A ring toss was held for the kids present, and the women's games included trying to roll a tire between two posts.

The car and bike show was hugely popular with every kind of vehicle imaginable from cars and trucks to rat rods and bikes. Contestants competed in a variety of categories like best custom, best pain, and kid's choice.

The winners of the car and bike show are as follows:

Best Stock Bike: Mike Ryland

Best Custom Bike: Kelly Gautreau

1st Place Bike: Sideswipe

2nd Place Bike: Spiliz

3rd Place Bike: Marty Bourque

Best Paint: Urban Fontenot

Best Interior: Alvin Hebert

Best Rat Rod: Bruce Savoy

1st Place Car: Neal & Donna Kingsley

2nd Place Car: Brent Louis

3rd Place Car: Talmar & Mike Butler

1st Place Truck: Sherman Richard

2nd Place Truck: Kenneth Bourque

3rd Place Truck: Henry Graves

Best In Show: Linda Cummings

President's Choice: Russ Michael

Kid's Choice: Joey an Metre

The next annual BACA Family Fun Day is slated for the same weekend next year. Mark your calendars for this awesome fundraising event because "No Child Deserves To Live In Fear."

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