Students center in on literacy through Ascension Fund Grant

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Shown are Bennett Hightower and Brielle LeBlanc practicing their reading skills by pointing to and reading sentences in a literacy center.

Students in Allison Krouse’s kindergarten class at Lake Elementary worked in literacy centers throughout this school year. Students were able to increase their early literacy skills through hands-on activities in order to become great readers!

The literacy centers implemented in the classroom allowed children to problem solve while learning reading, writing, and social skills. Magnetic letters, sentence building kits, stamps, and games were just a few of the items purchased through funds from an Ascension Fund Grant. Students were able to work in small groups or individually to develop the skills and confidence to read.

By providing students with a variety of hands-on materials and activities, early literacy skills were meaningful to young learners and encouraged them to get excited about reading and writing. Each day students participate in literacy centers to work on valuable skills to help them become strong readers. Through interventions, daily observations, and quarterly assessments, students’ reading progress was measured. The literacy centers were adjusted frequently based on students’ readiness and level of academics. Students thoroughly enjoyed “playing” with these new materials. While they thought they were just playing, they were actually engaging in activities to help them to read and write and having fun while learning!

Funds for this grant were provided by Capital One Endowment Bank through the Ascension Fund. The Ascension Fund is a non-profit organization established in 1991 by the Gonzales Rotary Club as an instrument for private sector leaders to invest directly in the work of individual teachers and schools through grants for innovative ideas and programs in Ascension Parish public schools. Teacher Grants of $500 or $1,000 and School Impact Grants of $2,500 are awarded on an annual competitive basis. To date, the Ascension Fund has awarded approximately 1,200 grants representing over $1.4 million dollars in the school system. For more information, visit

Contributed by Allison Krouse, Lake Elementary