Young Rembrandts honors local heroes with community art event

Halen Doughty
Students enjoy free drawing class at the Gonzales Police Department building courtesy of Young Rembrandts.

Young Rembrandts showed appreciation for the men and women in uniform by hosting a special art class for its 30th anniversary celebration called We Love Our Hometown Heroes. With three decades of art enrichment and childhood development, Young Rembrandts celebrated the future of art education with a commitment to the true heroes in South Louisiana - service members who commit their lives to keeping our communities safe so kids can learn transformative art education.

"Our commitment to southern Louisiana and communities like Gonzales is rooted in our dedication to its institutions and values, and we wouldn’t be able to provide the art classes we do without the security offered by local heroes every day,” said Karen Poole, owner of Young Rembrandts serving South Louisiana. “We want our students to know the true heroes in our community, and we’re ready to show how much we love our hometown heroes with a special drawing class with guests from the Gonzales Police Department in gratitude for their service.”

Young Rembrandts hosted a special free drawing event at the Gonzales Police Department on Saturday. Children of police officers and students enrolled at Young Rembrandts were invited to draw alongside police officers.

The “We Love Our Hometown Heroes” event is part of a six-month celebration in which Young Rembrandts of South Louisiana will be giving back to the community through a collection of local partnerships and outreach programs.

We want to show our gratitude not only to Gonzales for their support of our classes in schools and community centers in the area, but also for the local heroes who keep us safe and make communities in South Louisiana such a wonderful place to run a business,” said Poole. “With ‘We Love Our Hometown Heroes,’ we want to show our community the level of dedication we feel for local residents, and our appreciation for the men and women who ensure a safe environment where our students are provided with the skills they need to succeed academically and in countless other areas of their life.”

Young Rembrandts offers art classes for students ages 3 1/2 to 12 at schools across south Louisiana, including at Central Primary in Gonzales. The organization operates under the belief that there is a strong correlation between involvement in the arts and academic success.

Our ultimate goal at Young Rembrandts is to give kids the tools they need to succeed in school and in life, and to be a strong partner in the communities we serve,” said Bette Fetter, CEO and founder of Young Rembrandts. “These events and outreach activities during our 30th Anniversary celebration are just one-way Karen will be demonstrating her dedication to children and families in South Louisiana, and the individuals serving the community.”

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