Officer Weissberg is raising funds for ride honoring fallen officers

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Back the Blue of Baton Rouge is proud to announce Baton Rouge Police Officer, Marine and Back the Blue of Baton Rouge member Deena Weissberg will be riding from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial to raise money for Back the Blue of Baton Rouge.

Deena will be starting her ride on April 30 in Baton Rouge and ending her ride the night of May 13 for the Annual Candlelight Vigil in Washington, D.C. for a total of approximately 1,461 miles. Officer Weissberg’s goal is to raise $20,000 for Back the Blue of Baton Rouge. Officer Deena Weissberg will be traveling through Biloxi, Miss., Pensacola, Fla., Ponce de Leon, Fla., Tallahasee, Fla., Valdosta, Ga., Savannah, Ga., Charleston, S.C., Myrtle Beach, S.C., Wilmington, N.C., Jacksonville, N.C., Murfreesboro, N.C., and Richmond, Va. before ending at the final destination, the National Police Memorial in Washington, D.C. She will be honoring the fallen throughout each of those states.

Baton Rouge Police Officer Deena Weissberg, originally from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 years old and went to bootcamp immediately graduating high school. Currently she works in Uniform Patrol assigned to Bicycles.

The ultimate sacrifice paid by Deputy Garafola, Officer Gerald, and Officer Jackson, as well as the daily battle fought by Deputy Nick Tullier and Officer Faust inspired my ride,” Baton Rouge Police Officer Deena Weissberg said. “This ride is to honor every law enforcement officer. It will be the hardest thing I have ever done, and I will draw strength knowing that every bit of pain I feel is nothing compared to the sacrifice of the wounded, fallen and the families left behind.”

We are so proud to have Deena as a member of Back the Blue of Baton Rouge. When she came to me with the idea for the ride I thought she was crazy,” Brandon Blust, Director of Back the Blue of Baton Rouge said. “But knowing her and her passion for law enforcement I knew that nothing would stop her. Deena’s strength and determination during this ride will serve as a memory of what all of our fallen officers have endured to protect this country and its citizens. We will not forget our heroes and we will continue to honor them.”

Back the Blue of Baton Rouge is kindly requesting support in donating in-kind services and sponsorship that can be used to support Officer Deena Weissberg of this event. Any support services are greatly appreciated.

Donations over $500 would be represented by a form of advertisement during the ride. A donation form with more details are available upon request for donations over $500. Please contact Public Relations Manager Lindsay Ekizian to obtain information as to how to support Officer Deena Weissberg at 631-664-4381 or

Contributed by Back the Blue