He was The Chief

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Bob Prejean

As many of you know, it has been a heartbreaking month at the newspaper and in Donaldsonville. With the passing of Mr. Bob Prejean, we all lost a friend.

All month long we have featured Mr. Bob Prejean's photo on our Donaldsonville Chief Facebook page. It was a small gesture to a man who cared deeply about the newspaper and the City of Donaldsonville. Mr. Bob was more than an account executive. He was a walking storybook, a WWII veteran, and something of an editorial coach for each new editor The Chief has seen come and go over the past decade.

"I have known Bob for all the years I have been in Donaldsonville," wrote the owner of Graugnard Furniture, Sonny Graugnard. "First of all he is a true gentleman and a genuine person. He will do anything to help anyone and has a large heart."

That actually comes from something Mr. Graugnard wrote about Mr. Bob before his passing. Nonetheless, this is a tribute. By now we've published an editorial, a letter to the editor, a simple note of Mr. Bob's passing, and his obituary. However, in a sense, we've done all the talking. Perhaps it's time to step back and read what everyone else has said about him this month:

"A really great guy." --Ron Daigle

"RIP! So sorry to hear about his loss!" --Brandon Pollard

"May he RIP." --Darlene Leonard

"So sorry to hear this!!!!" --Tamiko Francis Garrison

"Sorry for your loss. Sending Prayers." --Lillie Sanchez Stuard

"Will miss seeing him every week." --Kristine Landry Hernandez

"Prayers said for him and family." --Carmelite Simoneaux

"RIP Mr. Bob Prejean. Will miss this extraordinary man. Condolences to the Prejean Family." --Steven Noel

"Prayers for the family. I will miss hearing 'Hot off the press' while dropping the paper off at the office." --Amanda Lemon

"It was a pleasure knowing him." --Micheal Skeeter Newchurch

"So sorry for the friends and family he leaves behind." --Robin Guillot

"My sympathy to the Prejean family! Sending prayers for his family! RIP Bob!" --Audrey Rivere Theriot

"He has come in the office a few times. Nice man." --Mary Rivere

"He was such a nice man. Prayers for his family." --Jackie Tisdell

"My thoughts and prayers are with you guys, Bennie Prejean. That's a great picture of Mr. Bob!" --Sherri Simpson

"We lost a great man and a great baseball fan. Sorry to hear this sad news." --David Schexnaydre

"RIP Mr. Bob. We will miss you as one of our neighbors." --Susan Coupel Imbraguglio

"RIP Mr. Bob. My sympathy to the family. Amen." --Ruth Acosta

"Great guy, bought my first new car from him in 1974." --Tommy Gros

"Prayers for the family." --Mardine Dupre

"RIP Bob!" --Bucky Mistretta

"We will miss you Mr. Bob! Rest in peace!" --Nancy Martinez

"Great man. We loved Bob in Lafayette too." --Brent Carlson

"He loved ole Brent Carlson." --Derek Prejean

"Rest in peace Uncle Jakie." --Toni Prejean Weil

"Michelle Blackburn, he still asked about you every Wednesday." --Lindsi Dedon

"Oh he was such a sweet man! He will be missed!" --Michelle Blackburn

"Deepest sympathy. Praying for the family. Amen." --Ruth Brown

"Will be missed. Had some great conversations with him." --Brenda Glenn Neely

"I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Bob's passing. Definitely an inspiration." --Vicki-Kevin Prejeant

"My prayers and condolences to Bob, who was a remarkable man." --John Dupont

"So sorry to hear that. Prayers for his family! He was a good, hardworking person." --Asim Munir

"RIP, Bob. Deepest sympathies to the family." --Teetsie Carrier Simoneaux

"Sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers to the family." --Monique Sanchez Rogers

"Condolences to the Prejean family." --Wella Skidmoore

"So sorry to hear of him passing, we will miss seeing him bringing the paper to the office." --Darlene Landry

"Sorry to hear!!! He lived life to the fullest!!!!" Phyllis Melancon Schexnayder

"Prayers for Mr. Bob and his family." --Janet Sanchez

"Heartfelt sympathy and prayers for family and friends. RIP Mr Bob." --Patricia Roger Zeringue

"Mr. Bob loved to share his adventures of life. Prayers for the family." --Dwayne and Jo Ann Caruso Noel

"Thoughts and prayers to Mr. Bob's family and friends." --Jan M. Chiquet

"Sorry to hear this. Prayers for Mr. Bob and family." --Carla Hernandez

"God Bless Him and his Family. He was a great neighbor.....he will be missed......" --Ann Tugga-Nicky Falsetta

"So sorry to hear this. Mr Bob was a great man. Prayers for his family." --Lisa Folse

"RIP Mr Bob. You were a great man and true Patriot. We will miss your visit on Wednesdays." --John David Duplessis

"Will miss Mr Bob coming in and out Subdivision. Prayers for his Family." --Gal Falcon Barrient

"The Donaldsonville Chief, I’m in deepest prayer for his family! I’m so very grateful for the recent conversations we had! He was truly a blessing and a truly passionate man in all he did!" --Stardust Roberts Matherne

"Mr. Bob will be missed. Such a gentleman. I always enjoyed speaking with him. Rest in peace Mr. Bob." --Patsy Harrell

"He was a gentleman of old times. Great stories and a pleasant disposition always. He will be missed." --Vicky Landry

"Sorry to hear. Bob was a true gem of a man. Sympathy to his beautiful family. He will be missed in the community." --Donna Laiche Schexnaydre

"Thank you Daddy for 'training all eight of us up in the way we should go, with integrity, loyalty and honesty to do whatever is right, whatever is good, whatever is of good report and to think on these things.' You possessed the utmost character. I trust and pray that we'll see you again in heaven." --Rebecca May

"Truly one of the best people I have ever known . I will miss him greatly. He had an amazing memory for people and facts. Always kind and thinking of others." --Jay Perniciaro

If we left anyone out, we apologize. Thanks for all those comments, shares and likes, celebrating Mr. Bob on our Facebook page. We encourage you to actively participate in the news of Donaldsonville moving forward. Your letters and stories about Mr. Bob are always welcome. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

Lastly, "Mr. Bob 'WAS The Chief'" as someone put it to me recently. Mr. Bob was an amazing person, who loved Donaldsonville and far beyond 93 years in the making. Therefore, he might've left it on this note: Not only as a community newspaper, but as a community we ALL have some pretty big shoes to fill. Maybe start by going for a run.