Matassa signs employee sick leave bank ordinance

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Parish President Kenny Matassa signs new sick leave ordinance on January 8.

In a move to offer additional assistance to Parish employees suffering from long-term or catastrophic illness, Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa presented a change to the parish personnel policy allowing employees to donate and receive accumulated sick time.

The Parish sick leave policy cannot always address the needs of some whose illnesses have a longer recovery time than others,” said Matassa. “This new policy helps those people.”

The policy addition, which was passed unanimously by the Council, establishes a sick leave donation bank, which allows employees to donate any accumulated hours into a pool. Full-time employees who have used all of their sick time may petition an employee committee for additional hours to supplement their pay.

Matassa, who has made employee wellbeing one of the hallmarks of his administration, pushed for the change when he learned of employees who were no longer paid for time missed.

We have an employee with cancer who has used all of their sick leave,” he said. “I wanted to do something to help that employee and others in that position.”

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