Statewide weather advisory for pets and livestock

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

With weather barely over the freezing mark during the day and dropping to the mid to low 20s at night, the Humane Society of Louisiana is urging and advising pet owners to bring their pets in during this cold snap or, at the very least, provide suitable shelter. According to the Humane Society, pets are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia, just as humans are and need to be made comfortable during these unseasonably low temperatures.

"Over the holidays weekend, when we experienced low double-digit temperatures and arctic blasts of cold weather, we were inundated with calls from concerned citizens from around the state, reportedly seeing dogs tied to trees with no shelter or other dogs given plastic carriers to protect them from the freezing cold. We worked with half-a-dozen law enforcement and animal control agencies over the last few days to investigate the complaints and educate pet owners on their lawful responsibilities. We even had reports of water frozen in water bowls and pet birds left out in cages! We tell folks that if it's too cold for you to be out for long periods of time in this weather, the same rule applies to pets. We would like nothing more than for everyone to bring their pets in during this cold spell," says Jeff Dorson, HSL Director.

The Humane Society also urges livestock owners to provide structural shelter for their horses, cows, sheep and other farm animals and sufficient feed to help keep animals at their normal body temperatures.

"If people observe any animal without proper shelter, we urge citizens to contact their local animal control department or law enforcement agency," adds Dorson.

Contributed by Humane Society of Louisiana