ACT perfect score

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Blaire Peterson

More than two million students took the ACT test in the 2017. Only 1%, fewer than 2,600 students, could achieve a perfect score of 36. To Blaire Peterson, those numbers were simply a challenge that needed to be conquered. Recently, Peterson, a senior at St. Amant High School realized her goal to become part of the top 1% by achieving a perfect 36 on the ACT.

“It’s exciting!” says Peterson. “Now that I’ve achieved this goal, I feel super accomplished and I’m ready to move forward with other goals that I have set for myself!”

Consistently among the class top-rankers in GPA and on target to serve as a valedictorian, Peterson is accustomed to achieving success in many aspects of her life. She was recently named a National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist. Her peers elected Peterson to serve as St. Amant High’s Class of 2018 senior class president. She is officer on the school’s award-winning dance team, the Gatorettes, and also serves as the vice-president to the school’s Beta Club.

St. Amant High Principal Beth Templet praises Peterson as the epitome of Gator success. “Blaire has displayed a level of maturity and motivation that is rare in high school students. She has a strong work ethic and is very conscientious in all her endeavors.”

Blaire lives the STA motto of “Success Through Actions” by giving back to her school and community. She promotes Gator Pride as a member of Gator Rally, St. Amant High’s student spirit advisory committee. As a mentor in Gator-to- Gator, the school’s outreach program to welcome incoming freshmen, Peterson spends summer hours helping 8th graders transition into the large and rich tradition of STA, and then supports her freshmen mentees during GatorAid sessions throughout the school year. Through STA’s Interact Club, Peterson is able to work on projects that help the community, and through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Students, she shares her strong faith with others.

This philanthropic spirit will serve her well in her future plans. Blaire intends to study biological sciences and use her talents to help others as an oncologist.

Blaire’s parents, Christie and Chet Peterson, have provided the foundation for Blair’s accomplishments, but also credit their daughter’s strong drive to succeed. “Blaire has had a love for school and for learning since kindergarten. She has set goals for herself for many years and she works hard to achieve them. There are times when she doesn’t achieve something, but then she maintains a positive attitude and outlook on life and moves forward. We are so excited to see what her future holds!”

St. Amant High faculty and staff have long recognized Peterson’s potential. Her Gifted Class teacher, Mrs. Tara Jones, praises Blair’s dedication and hard work, and has many fond memories of working with Blair. “As part of the gifted program, we had the kids set short-term goals they wanted to accomplish each year. Blaire, of course, asked if she could set long-term goals.” Mrs. Jones has worked with Blair all four years at St. Amant High as a teacher and advisor. “I wish that I could say that I helped her to accomplish all of her goals, but really all the hard work and determination is hers. It’s been amazing watching her grow over the last four years, and she is so deserving of being able to check off her goals one by one!”

Peterson shares her success by crediting her parents for providing unending support to all of her endeavors, and believes that this achievement was made possible only through the blessings of God. She would like to thank several special members of her Gator family-- Mrs. Tara Jones, Mrs. Danielle Delaune, Mrs. Alice Bourque, and Mrs. Beth Templet-- for encouraging her to achieve her very best.

Blaire is keeping her options open and has not committed to attending a specific university as of yet, but her success in the future is certain. St. Amant High School is thrilled at the many accomplishments of this distinguished Gator student and wishes Blair the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Contributed by Andrea Tory Broussard