Another Spartan Gator Week comes to an end

Fire Chief / Constable James E. LeBlanc Special to Weekly Citizen
Representatives hold up big checks for both E.A. and St. Amant high schools after a successful Gator Spartan Week.

St. Amant / Gonzales – The committee that works this full week actually calls it “HELL WEEK,” due to the fact that there is something to do every day the entire week during the community rival week.

Here is a complete update of the 2017 activities that took place between the Spartans & Gators:


The week started off with 208 golfers playing in the 2017 Spartan / Gator Ryder Cup at Pelican Point Golf Course in Gonzales. The St. Amant Gators won the 2017 Ryder Cup with a score of (Gators 98.5) (Spartans 84.5).


We saw the Spartan and Gator freshman and JV football teams gathering at Spartan Stadium on Burnside. The results were.

Gator freshman – 0

Spartan freshman – 6

The JV Teams did not play due to the terrible weather that rolled through Ascension Parish this day.


Wesaw both communities gather at Rouses Supermarket on Airline for jambalaya lunch sales. Over 1,500 plates of jambalaya were sold to both communities.

Hundreds gathered this day for the 2017 Spartan / Gator Shout Out Competition at the Lamar Dixon Center. The Shout Out is won by the school that screams the loudest the best two out of three screams with no artificial noise makers. The Principals of each school are the judges of the sound meter during all screams.

First Scream:

St. Amant – 105 decimals

EA – 103 decimals

Second Scream:

St. Amant – 113 decimals

EA – 111 decimals

The St. Amant Gators won the 2017 Spartan Gator Shout Out on the first two screams.


East Ascension students went on their annual “gator hunt” this morning in their mall area.

We saw thousands of fans from both communities lining the Pit football stadium in St. Amant.

The Spartan/Gator Shout Out Committee also presented $10,000 checks to both East Ascension High and St. Amant High for 2017. Bringing the committees totals to $140,000.00 PER SCHOOL over the past ten years. That is a total of $280,000.00 raised in the last ten years.

Then, the football game between the two schools saw an endearing display of sportsmanship from the state’s most fierce high school rivalry with the St. Amant Gators winning 22-10. 2017 would see St. Amant finish 5th in the State and East Ascension 6th in the State and both moving into the 2017 State Playoffs.

Money given to each school over the past 10 years:

2008 - $8,000; 2009 - $12,000; 2010 - $13,000; 2011 - $11,000; 2012 - $16,000; 2013 - $18,000; 2014 - $18,000; 2015 - $16,000; 2016 - $18,000; 2017 - $10,000.

Shout out winners over the past 10 years:

2008 - St. Amant; 2009 - E.A.; 2010 - E.A.; 2011 - St. Amant; 2012 - St. Amant; 2013 - St. Amant; 2014 - E.A.; 2015 - St. Amant; 2016 - St. Amant; 2017 - St. Amant.

All this does not happen without “Two Communities Becoming One In Supporting Our Youth.”