Future Gonzales officer gets surprise visit at 5th birthday party

Halen Doughty
Jake poses in front of a Gonzales fire truck that paid him a special visit.

A local boy got the surprise of a lifetime at his fifth birthday party on Saturday. Jake, 5, of Gonzales was playing in his police officer costume last week when he met Officer Tyson Dennis of the Gonzales Police Department. The little boy invited Dennis to his birthday party, but he never expected what would happen next.

When sirens blared and lights flashed on emergency vehicles coming towards his house the day of his party, no one knew what was going on. Dennis pulled up to the party in his unit, followed by motorcycles with the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, and firetrucks from the Gonzales Fire Department. Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson even made a showing at the party.

Jake's neighbor Natasha Henderson captured the special moment again, after filming the duo's first encounter when Dennis taught Jake a thing or two about traffic duty. Henderson said Jake was absolutely shocked when he realized all of this was for him.

"His eyes were really big. They came with lights and sirens, and he didn't realize what was going on," Henderson said. "He didn't know they were coming to the party for him."

The crew of law enforcement officers hung out at the party, showing off their vehicles and bringing presents for the birthday boy. The other kids there were equally as excited to meet some of Ascension Parish's finest.

"They were really excited about it, jumping, running, and shaking the officers' hands," Henderson said.

But no one beamed as bright as Jake himself, surrounded by his local heroes on his special day. Of course he got a special gift from his new friend Dennis, who made the whole thing possible.

"Jake had an amazing time at his party, and it will be one he won't forget," Henderson said.

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