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Gonzales police officer teaches little boy about community policing

Halen Doughty
Gonzales child plays 'police' for a day with the help of GPD officer Tyson.

One of Gonzales' finest helped a little boy become a police officer for a day.

Natasha Henderson saw her neighbor's grandson Jake, 4, dressed as a police officer when he was playing in the neighborhood last Saturday. She said she sent him to her house to show her husband how cute he was. That's when Officer Tyson of the Gonzales Police Department drove by in his unit. She said the look on his face when the officer pulled over and got out of the car was priceless.

"His eyes were so big," Henderson said, "His face showed so much happiness, and he was surprised."

Henderson said in the post that Jake is into trains and police now. Officer Tyson taught Jake how to conduct traffic stops. The people he pulled over didn't seem to mind, as the little boy told them they didn't do anything wrong and wished them a nice afternoon.

Henderson photographed the whole thing and posted it on social media. She also sent it to Jake's mom, who was not present for the traffic duty. The post, which includes pictures and a video of the encounter, has gotten hundreds of shares on social media.

"I had to capture the moment," she said, "I thought it was the cutest thing, and I had to post it [on Facebook]."

In the video, the officer tells one of the drivers he and his new partner are doing community police work. He even introduces Jakes as Gonzales' new police officer.

Jake invited Officer Tyson to his birthday party this Saturday. His birthday is Sunday, October 1, and the future officer is turning 5-years-old. Henderson said the experience made a lasting impression on little Jake.

"He was so excited about everything, and he kept talking about it. He was mesmerized. It was amazing," Henderson said.

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