MYAC meeting featured parliamentarian and lobbyist

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
MYAC teams up in front of Louisiana State Senator Ed Price.

The Donaldsonville Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) enjoyed speaker presentations from Cynthia Buggage and Rodney Braxton on Saturday morning, August 2.

Both speakers are dynamic in their own right. Buggage, a former DHS grad has had an amazing career and currently executive director of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus. Braxton also wears career highlights and currently serves on the Southern Strategy Group's lobbying team. Nicole Learson, a certified parliamentarian was also on hand.

For those unfamiliar with the MYAC, it is basically a leadership academy for Greater Donaldsonville, if you will. Tamiko Garrison caught up with The Donaldsonville Chief to give us some perspective.

What we found out is that $100 dollar scholarships are given to MYAC participants for each year served.

Additionally, the council gets to go on a trip to Washington D.C. in March and attend the National League of Cities Congressional Conference. The MYAC actually began when Garrison's father was mayor back in the 90's. What began with eight students has evolved into 15. Currently seven Ascension Catholic students and eight Donaldsonville High School students make up the council.

It is designed to get students involved with the community. And the benefits that come from volunteering are invaluable for not only youth, but everyone.

"It's getting youth involved with city government and understanding their role and commitment to their community," Garrison said.

Lastly, Gonzales is said to have began their own MYAC recently. According to Garrison, it involves a mixture of EA students and RPCC early enrollment students. The 2017-18 MYAC commissioners are:

Darell Honora, President

Micah Daggs, 1st Vice President

Kerrionne Brown, 2nd Vice President

Nydia Cooper, Secretary

Madison Zeringue, Treasurer

Aliyah Winfrey, Parliamentarian

Whitney Baker, Sgt. At Arms

Chase Southall, Chaplain

Nina Smith, Audit Director

Alyric Asberry, Social Media Director

Aaron Landry, Historian

John DeManuelle, Mayor

Morgan Lavigne, City Attorney

Courtney Washington, DPW Director

Jalen Winchester, Comptroller