Refresher program shows city's commitment to improving schools

Stephen S. Gaines / Staff Intern

The Donaldsonville community takes a hard stance on the education of its future with its back-to-school refresher program.

District board member of the Ascension Parish Schools Robyn Penn Delaney created a program in her native Donaldsonville to help students retain their educational skills. This program is called the Back to School refresher program. It enables students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade to brush up on their skills in Math, Reading, and Handwriting.

We do this so students would have a jumpstart on returning back to school," Delaney said. "So our goal is try to give them a refresher on reading, math, and handwriting. And we want to make sure that they're ready to have a good start as they return to school. And that’s it!”

For the weekly program spanning five days from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., students and parents come from all around Donaldsonville to the Lemann Center where the program is held. Many are dropped off by their parents due to Donaldsonville’s lack of transportation. Members of the Donaldsonville High School, as well as other parents and even Mrs. Delaney have all volunteered to make the event possible.

Many sponsors from Donaldsonville came out in support of the program. Even Mayor Leroy J. Sullivan showed his support and attended the event. Two of the city council members as well as members of the freemasons also attended the event alongside Mayor Sullivan.

Education is the key to the growth in the city of Donaldsonville," Sullivan said. "And we want to do everything we can to make sure that we equip our kids and make them ready to go back to school.”

A volunteer also had an interview with The Chief, stating how excellent Mrs. Delaney and the other volunteers were in making the program work. Plus, the effort put forth into teaching the kids was also excellent. The urge for parents to continue the program was mentioned.

The program ultimately may have shown Donaldsonville’s commitment to education. The Lemann Center was filled with tables, pencils, books, and even had sections for each grade level. Each grade had their own assignments, and the younger grades were very enthusiastic. Many took to it with serious determination, and few were even distracted as the newspaper snapped photos of them.

The future for Donaldsonville’s educational performance, as well as the future of Donaldsonville is greatly assured through these initiatives. Not just through the efforts of the volunteers, Delaney, and the Mayor, but through the efforts of the dozens of students that put forth their will and time to pursue their education.