4-H shooting team heads to championship

Brandie Richardson
Pictured is James Daigle, Jaxon Swanson, Andrew Poche and Coach Jodi Daigle on the front row and Grant Marquis, Katie Swanson, Kinslei Scroggs and Aidan Cole on the back row.

For the first time ever, Ascension Parish will be represented at the 52nd Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match this weekend in Arkansas. The three-day event features teams from all across the country, including three teams from Louisiana.

During the competition in Rogers, Ark., the team, made up of seven 4-Hers ages 11 to 14, will be tested on their shooting education, including the different types of firearms and fire safety, along with shooting in four positions: prone, kneeling, standing and sitting. 

"For our kids, we are just ecstatic to be going," said Michele Swanson, a mother of two of the shooters going to the competition.

In order to qualify for the competition, the Ascension 4-H team qualified at regionals then moved to state where they were selected to attend the championship. TeamCoach Jodi Daigle said this is a goal they have been working on for the past few years to make it to the match and is happy to be going. 

"Ascension's been around for a long time, we have worked hard for it and its nice to be able to have the opportunity to finally make it," Daigle said.

As a way to better prepare themselves, the team has been ramping up practices by shooting weekly and taking practice tests to prepare for the shooting education test.

Team members include James Daigle, Kinslei Scroggs, Jaxon Swanson, Andrew Poche, Aidan Cole, Grant Marquis and Katie Swanson who are all part of the Ascension 4-H shooting sports.

The Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match will be held June 30- July 3.