Louisiana Gofundme campaign is hug-centric

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Taken from Rosalyn's Gofundme page.

A 7-year-old Louisiana girl wants to travel across the country and hug a police officer in each state.

Here is her official campaign description:

"Love is an action word is more than a cliche. Love is the motivating factor prompting our seven year old's daughter dream called RosalynLoves.

RosalynLoves is dedicated to fulfilling the the dream of our seven-year-old daughter's personal mission to meet and hug a law enforcement officer in every state of the USA.

As Rosalyn learned of the heroic and sacrificial efforts of many law enforcement officers, her heart was moved to offer hugs to all the law enforcement officers that crossed her path. One day after church she said to us, "I want to hug all of the police officers in every state. It's in my heart." From these words, RosalynLoves was birthed.

Help us fund this dream of love, and share in this adventure of love and appreciation."

Visit Rosalyn's Gofundme account for more info: https://www.gofundme.com/spreading-a-message-of-love-in.

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