Counseling Center receives accreditation

Brandie Richardson
Front Row (L to R) - Carolina Hernandez, Ava Gerald, Lisa Lopez, Deborah Cannon, Dawn Bennett, Jill Lemann; Back Row (L to R) - Sarah Farlough, Stacy House, Stephanie Turner, Courtney Brehm, Suzanne Hamilton (Director), Tatiyana Brown, Lisa Weber-Curry. Not pictured: Daryl Hebert, Ryan Schuette, Andrea Perkins.

The Ascension Counseling Center has once again been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, an independent, nonprofit organization that focuses on the accreditation of health and human services.

Counseling Center Director Suzanne Hamilton said this certification helps the center to focus on outcome measures such as how many individuals left their center having met their goals and how many in addiction treatment graduate and have negative drug screens.

"It helps us focus on our outcomes, are we just coming here and doing the same thing everyday but not helping people? This promotes looking at that and determining are you really doing goof for people or are you just spending their time," she said.

Though this accreditation is not an industry standard just yet, it is becoming more and more sought after by counseling centers across the country.

"It does let everyone know that you are adhering to the best accepted practices in the field."

I am very pleased and excited by this accreditation,” said Parish President Kenny Mataassa. “This is yet one more example of the high quality of services Ascension Parish provides to the people. I commend Suzanne Hamilton and her staff on a job well done.”

The accreditation is for three years, and specifically cites outpatient treatment for adults and adolescents.