Robert speaks to Rotary about Stem Cells

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Boyd Robert addresses the Donaldsonville Rotary Club on May 25, 2017.

Boyd Robert spoke to the Donaldsonville Rotary Club Thursday, May 25 about Louisiana Regenerative Medicine Center, a place to have a stem cell procedure.

Robert explained about the procedure. The common use of an adult stem cell procedure is to treat osteoarthritis, auto-immune problems and or pulmonary issues.

Boyd gave listeners the "orchestra image" of stem cells, telling that they act like "conductors."

Robert explained that the stem cells are taken from the patient's very own body. Usually from the hip. They come from body fat. He said that they attach to capillaries like grapes on a vine.

"It's an extremely safe procedure," Boyd said. "There's no chance of rejection since it is your own stem cells."

The drawback could be the cost. Although many are finding relief from the procedure, it is not FDA approved. So there is no insurance coverage. A typical procedure could run anywhere between $7,400 and $10,000 dollars.