National Day of Prayer in Ascension

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
APSB Superintendent David Alexander prays during Lisa Bacala's invocation for education.

Parish President Kenny Matassa hosted a National Day of Prayer event at Lamar-Dixon in Gonzales on May 4. 

The Donaldsonville High School ROTC presented the colors, and many parish officials and preachers spoke at the event or were at least in attendance.

The structure of the program was to have a different minister invoke a prayer for a specific group. For instance, there was a prayer for the military, the media, government, education, churches, family and business.

Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr led a moving "charge" after that. Matassa gave the closing remarks, and Reverend Charles Brown said the closing prayer. 

Jambalaya, white beans and dessert was offered to all who attended. Many different walks of life and faiths came together to participate.