2017 Gonzales Junior Police Program

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Dear Gonzales Parents,

We are now taking applications for the summer 2017 Junior Police Program, sponsored by the Gonzales Police Department. It is a free program offered to children that attend schools in the city of Gonzales. We require that the child (boy or girl) be between the ages of 8 and 13.

This year’s program will be held Wednesdays beginning June 7th till July 26th.The program begins at 9AM at the Gonzales Training Center Located on Orice Roth Rd behind the Fire Department. All children must be picked up by 12 o’clock noon. The program is designed to educate children on safety, using lecture, games and outings. The graduation banquet will be on the 26th of July. Each child is requested to participate in all sessions or at least 5 out of the 8 sessions to graduate. A schedule of weekly activity will be provided to the children. There are three events that will be held off site, they will be highlighted on the schedule. Additional applications are available at the Gonzales Police Department. Your child may bring a snack for break time. All sessions are held on site except for the Range date for shooting and fishing event. Any items your child will need to bring will be listed on the session’s schedule. We look forward to spending quality time with your child, for a summer filled with fun, learning experiences. Any child over 13 can participate in the Explorer group. Those applications can also be picked up at the Gonzales Police Department. See you on June 7th.

Please fill out the below application for each child and return by mail or in person to: GONZALES POLICE DEPT. ATTN: OFFICER ROBIN BRUNKE, 415 E Cornerview Rd., Gonzales, La 70737

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 225-647-9540.

Officer Robin Brunke

**********2016 Gonzales Junior Police Program Application ***************

I, hereby give my child, (print) _________________________________________

Permission to participate in the above program and all activities.

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