Duplessis Primary honors staff

Stephanie Conerly

If you were to walk the halls of Duplessis Primary, you would see many vocations represented; educators, clerical staff, maintenance crews and child nutrition specialists.

On any given day, you would also see a worker that often goes unrecognized, yet that committed individual represents the “heartbeat” of our mission. That worker is the parent volunteer – a valuable member within our Duplessis Primary Village.

On Friday, March 10, parent volunteers were invited to attend a breakfast in their honor. Dressed biscuits, girts, eggs and fruit were served. Notes of appreciation served as centerpieces. Each attendee parted with a gift.

The beauty of the volunteer is their selflessness. They act from the heart, not for recognition. However, as with any valued relationship, one must receive affirmation to keep the relationship strong. Duplessis Primary loves their volunteers and appreciates their efforts.