Gonzales Garden Club sets the stage for flower show

Patti Mouton
Gonzales Garden Club Member Marilyn Rice presented the elements of floral design at the club's March meeting in preparation for their annual flower show in April.

The first item on the agenda of the March meeting of the Gonzales Garden Club was a demonstration presentation by longtime Member Marilyn Rice. She set up a comprehensive exhibit of floral design resources and analyzed three creative niches of arrangements that she titled “The Petrified Forest” Creative Horizontal Design, “Wine and Roses” Tablescape and “China Doll” Oriental Design.  Rice then disassembled them to show the audience their compositions and constructed three more niche displays, all the while explaining the reasons for her choices. 

Rice spoke of design elements such as color harmonies, balance and proportion, textures, and the allusion of movement. She described color schemes as monochromatic (tints, tones or shades of a single hue), triadic (three contrasting colors) and analogous (three related colors). Her tips for size and proportion included elevating the base of the flower arrangement to center it vertically in the space while not allowing plant material to exceed a one-inch buffer from the top of the niche.  The background fabric should complement the flower color, and no plant material should touch the sides or bottom of the niche.

Rice encouraged beginner floral designers to incorporate pieces of wood, glass figurines and sculptural pieces into their displays to enhance the artistic concept of the flower arrangement.  Lastly, GGC Members Lorraine Ramirez and Priscilla Monson generously shared their own vertical floral designs for critique to culminate the program on “Sharing Years of Design Experience”.

This month’s horticultural hint is to apply fertilizer to azaleas, gardenia and hydrangeas during late March to boost these plants. The garden tip came from Member Conchita Richey. When using grocery store flowers, fill a container with tepid water and add the flower food from the included packet. Cut the stems on a slant and leave them in the food water overnight in a cool, dark, draft-free place. Create the flower arrangement the next day using a soaked oasis for long-lasting design.

The meeting was held at Jamie Trisler’s home in the heart of Gonzales. She and fellow hostesses Cynthia Cagnolatti, Priscilla Monson, Marilyn Oubre, Janis Poche and Conchita Richey served “meatless” finger sandwiches, salads and desserts during the lunch break.

The club’s next meeting will be held on April 5 in conjunction with their Annual Floral Design Exhibit at the Gonzales Library on Irma Blvd. The theme will be Louisiana’s Natural Beauty.