Gonzales resident welcomes 100th birthday

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles
Prescilla Godchaux

Gonzales Healthcare Center resident Prescilla Godchaux welcomed her 100th birthday on Monday at the senior center where dozens of family members, residents and staff spent the afternoon celebrating her special occasion.

Godchaux, a native of Baton Rouge, has been a tenant of the nursing home since 2011. Gonzales Healthcare Center Marketing Director Jennifer Bercegeay said Godchaux has been patiently waiting for the past two years to celebrate the milestone birthday.

"We are so proud for Ms. Prescilla to make her 100th birthday," Bercegeay said. "For the last two years she has been waiting for this day and we wanted to make it really big for her. She is a precious, precious soul."

Also participating in the festivities was Parish President Kenny Matassa and Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux. Matassa presented Godchaux with a certificate of recognition for her 100th birthday, while Arceneaux bestowed her with a key to the City, along with proclaiming Nov. 7 as Prescilla Godchaux Day in Gonzales.

"I can only hope that I look as good as her at 40 as she does at 100," said Gonzales Healthcare Center Administer Keith Cooper. "She is a true pleasure and a truly very happy and caring soul."

Did you know that in 1916:

-A loaf of bread was roughly $.07

-The light switch was invented

-The average price of a house was $5,000 and $400 for a car

-The first 40-hour work week began in the Endicott-Johnson factories

-The average US worker made $.22 an hour, or between $200 and $400 a year

Things that didn't exist 100 years ago:

-TheWeekly Citizen

-The incorporated City of Gonzales

-Women's and African American's right to vote