Ascension Parish Pet Show announces results

Staff Report

Held Jan. 14, the 2016 Ascension Pet Show kicked off the Ascension Parish Livestock Show.


Desiree Falgout –  Lake Middle, puppies

Joey Zeringue – Lake Elementary, small dogs,

Abby Lobell – Dutchtown Middle, medium dogs            

Caitlin Dulainey – Dutchtown Primary, large dogs

Cain Braud – Central Primary, other animals

Camille Anothony – Prairieville Middle, other animals

Sarah James – St. Amant Middle, cats

PET SHOW PARTICPANTS                        

Karlie Lobell – Spanish Lake Primary; Kinslei Scroggs – TCA; Emma Bonney – Sorrento Primary; Aubrey Essery – Prairieville Middle; Beau Louviere – St. Amant Primary; Harrison Smith – Dutchtown Primary; Eli Turner – St. Amant Middle; Kelsi Brignac – St. Amant High; Hadlie Walker – Ascension Christian; Ava Surla – Dutchtown Primary; Stacey Kloosterman – Dutchtown Middle; Sadie Bourgeois – Lake Middle; Emma Bauman – Oak Grove Primary; Paige Zeringue – St. Amant High; Stormy Gill – St. Amant Primary; Sydnee Daniel – Dutchtown Primary; Ethan Brignac – St. Amant Middle; Sarah Jordan – St. Amant Middle; Corin Waguespack – Ascension Christian; Cole Decuir – TCA; Cali Berry – Ascension Christian; Morgan Kendrick – St. Amant Middle; Emily Hymel – Oak Grove Primary; Madison Punch – Dutchtown Middle; Zack Zeringue –St. Amant High; Rhema Aucoin – Sorrento Primary; Kylie Cliburn – Dutchtown Middle; Peyton Blanchard – St. Amant Primary; Tobie Laiche – St. Amant Primary.