Boat Club keeps fire department afloat

Staff Report

ST. AMANT - Everyday, Volunteer Firefighters, both men and women, throughout the St. Amant Community put their lives on the line to help the people of Ascension Parish and the St. Amant Community. 

“At the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department, we are very proud of the men and women who volunteer their time away from their families, and risk their lives to help our community,” said Chief Officer James E. LeBlanc. “They continue to train, drill, and take fire education very serious for all emergencies we respond to on a daily basis here in Ascension Parish.”

This past week the Gonzales Boat Club off the Diversion Canal made a donation to the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department, to continue to operate it’s fire response boat in the waterways of Ascension Parish.

The Gonzales Boat Club donation continues to make it possible for the St. Amant Fire to operate and maintain the fire boat on the Diversion Canal, that has now responded to five working structure fires on the river, since purchasing the boat in 2014. The boat was a major donation by PCS Nitrogen Chemical Facility and Wendell Payne with Ascension Marine.

“The St. Amant Community is very fortunate in having so many trained men and women who are willing to donate their time and expense to our community.” LeBlanc said. “We have 61 Responders, eight are certified EMT’s and 52 are certified as Medical First Responders.”