Around the world: Strange and Bizarre News

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles

Everyday bizarre events occur around the world, so wacky that it almost sounds to strange to be true. Here are some recent events that caught my eye. Come back every week to read more strange news from around the world.

A Portland woman struck by a drunk driver is suing for damages to her designer clothes. According to ABC News, Susan Layne is seeking $4,600 for damages to her Chanel purse, Prada boots and Burberry trench coat. Layne walked away from the crash with bruises and scratches. Attorney said that though only her clothes were destroyed, she is still entitled to payment, similar to someone whose car was damaged.

A Pennsylvania courthouse was evacuated earlier this week after a delivery addressed to Beaver Country Sheriff Tony Guy was X-rayed, revealing a grenade. According to Yahoo News, the gift included a disarmed World War II grenade mounted on a plague with a sign that read,” Complaint department. Take a number,” with a numbered plastic ticket attached to the grenade. Authorities found the sender, who said it was simply a gag gift sent to Guy to welcome him into office with a funny gift. No charges were issued to the sender, though the courthouse was evacuated for over an hour.  

A school bus in Maryland carrying high school students recently got caught in a sinkhole. Baltimore County police said in a social media post that the bus got stuck in Cockeysville,  where a water main broke. According to Baltimore Department of Public Works, the water break caused a 12-inch line near the sinkhole. All students who were aboard the bus were not injured. 

In June 2015, a sinkhole opened up in St. Amant between the River Highlands Condominiums and the Diversion Canal. The sinkhole opened up just feet away from the back doors of the condos, said WAFB News. Residents said they felt the ground crumble beneath them and watched their boat slips collapse. At the time of the incident, many residents moved out.