AARP Chapter 1449 Christmas Luncheon

Elaine Stevens Special to the Weekly Citizen
State Rep. Ed Price, District 58, and Louise Stewart

     Mike Anderson Restaurant in Gonzales was the setting for a Christmas Luncheon to mark the final meeting on December 18, 2015 for members who belong to AARP Chapter 1449.  Dressed in festive attire, they gathered to celebrate the end of a year of service and to install newly elected officers. Mrs. Minnie Williams began the festivities with an inspiring rendition of “America the Beautiful,” and soon after led the audience in singing Christmas Carols.  Mrs. Carmen Jackson and Mrs. Liz Williams displayed their talent as Carmen read, “If Jesus Came to Your Home,” while Liz did a pantomime. The women had to practice for this dramatic production. It was impressive.

      State Representative, Edward (Ed) Price, District 58, took time from his busy schedule to join in the celebration and preside over the installation of newly elected officers for 2016. Mrs. Bertha Washington led the group with a word game entitled, “Merry Christmas.” Mrs. Deloris Grace put a new twist to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” by engaging the audience in       “The Twelve Days of Christmas Fun.” Mrs. Hazel Fowler however, decided to transform the classic “The Night before Christmas.” Her version turned out to be “The Night of Christmas Exchange.” The audience was pleasantly receptive to the ‘mature’ perception of spreading Christmas Cheer.

      Mr. Alfred E. Mason, President, who amplifies the position as leader, offered presentations and many thanks for a year of productive accomplishments. He is the guiding force behind the local organization and a great inspiration for the group.

      The person responsible for the groups’ opening and closing prayers at all meetings is our Chaplin, Rev. Ulysse Stephens. We hold him in high esteem for his valor and spirit of giving.

      Mounds of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lewis for the endless work and acts of kindness they provide all through the year.